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It doesn’t seem to matter how much trouble McConnell gets into. His approval ratings can plunge, even among his supporters. Senators on both sides can express their doubts about his ability to lead.

If you feel emotionally fragile, you’re not broken — you’ve just developed a set of habits that interfere with your ability to be resilient and relate to your emotions in a healthy way.

First, you can support two Democrats for Senate in Georgia. They’re in run-off elections. They need money. Donate to them. If we create a tie in the Senate, then the VP will make deciding votes on key issues.

H.R.1, For the People Act: Would’ve strengthened voting rights for every American, while requiring candidates for president to disclose their tax returns. It’s not hugely surprising McConnell would block this bill, since it goes directly against his own corrupt interests.

He talks about being open to legislation on “the economy,” and “the environment,” when he really means he wants to deregulate everything in sight. He doesn’t even believe in deregulation on principle. He just knows it makes his donors happy.

Second, voice your desire for Kamala Harris to take up her constitutional role in the Senate. She has the real power. As majority leader, Mitch McConnell’s role is mainly a tradition.
It should strike most Americans as utterly ridiculous that a single goober like Mitch McConnell would have as much power as he does. The guy is allowed to decide all by himself which bills get discussed and voted on in the most powerful legislating body in the country. As majority leader, he answers to nobody but the president.
If you feel emotionally fragile, you’re not broken — you’ve just developed a set of habits that interfere with your ability to be resilient and relate to your emotions in a healthy way.

I’ve got friends in Kentucky. They tell me Mitch McConnell can’t even walk through an airport in his own state. His plane stops on the tarmac before it reaches the gate, where he sneaks off.
Instead he proudly calls himself “The Grim Reaper,” a nickname he picked up from House Democrats. Americans have plenty of their own nicknames for the man who’s blocked 400 different bills, many of which are bipartisan and have broad support among the public.
People in this habit never let a minute go by without having something to do. And they keep their schedules so packed that they never have any space for mental downtime and the chance of being alone with their own thoughts.H.R. 1585, Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act: Would’ve simply renewed a 1994 law designed to protect battered women. See, McConnell doesn’t care about domestic violence.He blocks every single thing Democrats put forward, then accuses them of failing to compromise. Then he lays out his own draconian agenda, described in relatively innocuous terms.

Republicans re-elect him as majority leader. Don’t be too hard on them. McConnell has friends in lots of high places, and lots of low places. He’s got so many connections, he’s almost immune to public opinion.

H.R.5, Equality Act: Would’ve banned discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation, while also disqualifying “religious belief” as an excuse to deny anyone service or aid. In other words, nobody would be able to say “My faith prevents me from responding to your 9–1–1 call.”


It’s a hard thing to imagine. Most of us have some shred of empathy or conscience. If we couldn’t even walk through an airport without getting accosted or threatened by ordinary people, we might check our behavior. We might try to be a little more open-minded.

H.R.9, Climate Action Now Act: This bill simply sought to keep America on promise with its carbon emissions targets as agreed to under the Paris Agreement, which almost every country on Earth supports. Otherwise Florida will be halfway underwater by 2040, and the rest of us won’t be able to breathe thanks to pollution and wildfire smoke.McConnell does a great job convincing his own voters that he’s doing the right thing. Listen to his interviews. He almost convinces me he’s a reasonable guy. He always looks cool and collected. He doesn’t rage tweet. Despite being a bigot, he’s pretty intelligent. Pair that with America’s pre-existing distrust of liberals and “the fake news media,” and you’ve got a deadly combination. He’s what Americans should be scared of.During the 2020 race, McConnell raised more money from CEOs than any other candidate in the field. They know he’ll do what they want. He’ll keep Washington gridlocked forever. The less that happens in Congress, the better for super rich people with no empathy.